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It started a long long time ago as a hobby, but it was Camilla the Caravelle (thus named as the third person in our marriage) that really kick started our business. After years of one of us being a van widow and countless projects on the drive, we finally convinced ourselves to take the plunge and

Cooler Commercials was born.


As a self confessed control freak and a petrol head, together we make a pretty good team, with one of us sorting paperwork and all the boring stuff behind the scenes and the other passionate about getting the right vans, the right look and creating Cooler vans.  


This love of VW vans, festivals, camping and the outdoor life, together with the pleasure of finding likeminded people and families their perfect vehicle, drives us to do what we do. For so many of our customers, we are the starting point of years of adventures and making memories. We are really proud to be part of that journey and aim to begin it with an experience like no other.


Who says you can’t have fun buying a vehicle?

We strive to be different from the rest by being genuine, relaxed and transparent.

We don't do suits, hard sells and stuffiness - we do cups of tea, laughter and Hawaiian shirts.


So why not drop by, the kettle is always on!

Steve & Suzy

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