Every van is as unique as you.

What you want it to look like, need it to accommodate and perform the way you want it te you are your individual set of requirements that form a project to develop your vehicle into exactly what you need!

With so many choices this can be overwhelming, so we have created three different design packages that fulfil 3 different design styles to help you on your way.

These may be perfect for you or can all be altered to fit your own specification with our individual items to add, exchange or upgrade. 

Our experience in building unique vans for our customers means we are able to guide you through the process from start to finish at a pace that suits you and your budget, with helpful suggestions and advice ensuring you get great value and 

We take them time to get to know our customers, building a clear understanding of hwat they want from their vehicle so we can provide the best service possible.

Some customers prefer to have a full conversion in one go, others save funds to do piece by piece and either it fine by us!


A stunning kombi conversion for every day use


An awesome day camper for couples or friends


The full works for those who want a camper van ready for any adventure